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Think U1 Inc. was conceived in 2020 by a team of visionaries that want to use their life experiences to pay it forward and create equal opportunity for children to receive both sports and educational enrichment that focuses on building well-rounded individuals. The Think U1 Foundation caters to the specific needs of each individual child and addresses the health, social, emotional, and recreational needs of our youth. Think U1’s mission is to build confidence, character, and community through our invigorating learning environment, positive leadership, and strong professional network.

What We Do

Youth Development

Think U1 is conscious of the underlying economic and social disparities our nation is faced with, along with the inequality imbalance and limited resources available to the underserved community. We are committed to narrowing the gap and meeting the emerging needs of our members by providing the opportunity to learn through our certified professional coaching, allowing individuals to blossom through sports, healthy competition, and child development. Most importantly, Think U1 provides the resources to succeed off the field through our tutoring, educational advisory, recruitment, and social and emotional learning programs.

Career Readiness

As adolescents become more independent, they begin to focus on the future and their interests. Making the transition into the college and young adult world, children are faced with many questions and curiosities as to what they want to pursue in life. With our team of professionals, Think U1 not only provides guidance and mentorship throughout this exploration, but also makes connections to a team of powerful networks.

Community Building

Think U1 is all about serving the community and giving back. Through the power of camaraderie, we strive to enhance the well being of those in need. Whether it be creating events for the homeless, putting together donation boxes, or taking a trip, Think U1 offers a variety of opportunities to be part of a worldy change.