Physical Education Program

Steps to Success:



We would start by observing the structure of your Physical Education program, assessing the spaces used (both indoor and outdoor), and discuss any challenges in your current program with leadership and faculty. 



We would then sit down with your team to define the goals of the program, and map out the physical education curriculum for the school year. Our curriculum includes sports units such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, floor hockey as well as age appropriate skill units such as parachute games, locomotor movement, spatial awareness, throwing and catching and striking activities. Our curriculum also includes the most up to date NYS Health- Related fitness components such as Aerobic Capacity, Flexibility, Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance 




Our Physical Education coaches offer a wide variety of cooperative learning activities and sports related games. This allows each child to develop fundamental movement skills and an appreciation for the importance of physical activity. Our curriculum focuses on the development of each individual child with each lesson emphasizing the importance of our U1 character values: Sportsmanship, Honesty, Caring, Commitment, Teamwork, Respect, Citizenship and Safety.

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