U1 Sports has been an amazing addition to our school.  Our Recess staff struggled to provide activities that were engaging and fun for our students during recess.  U1 Sports came in, trained our staff, and engaged our students with activities that they wanted to continue playing well after the bell.  Not only did U1 provide support, they trained our staff and provided strategies to provide a structured, safe and fun learning environment during recess. Faculty and students agree they are a great addition to our school!

               –Ms. Guishard (Assistant Principal) P.S./M.S. 161

Steps to Success:


We would start by observing your current recess structure, assess the spaces used (both indoor and outdoor), and discuss current challenges at recess with leadership, teachers, lunch staff, paraprofessionals and everyone else involved.



We would then sit down with your team to define the goals of the program, map out the use of the spaces available more effectively, and plan the personalized implementation of the program.


After creating a personalized plan, we would coordinate a professional development day with paraprofessionals, lunch staff and other faculty members involved to help define roles and explain the goals of the program.



We normally send 2-4 coaches to run organized activities during recess time in clearly defined areas of the turf or yard. This would of course depend on the number of students at recess. 


Our Coaches offer several unique game and activity options, facilitating the participation of students with a wide range of interests. Our curriculum promotes student participation and is designed to build confidence, hence making our students feel welcomed regardless of skill level and/or interest. While many students choose to join the games, others can utilize the designated structured “choice” area to coordinate games on their own. 


Our coaches help with the transitions from lunch to recess and recess back to the classroom. The goals are to engage and encourage activity all while alleviating any of the social and emotional issues such as bullying.

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